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It’s a cheerful demonstration of the new bite-size Pop-Tarts Bites product, with people sneaking the miniature snacks into a bunch of everyday situations. There’s enough cheekiness and fun in among the product displays to make viewers grin and land Kellogg’s our only 4-star ad this month. Paramount+ is one of the many streaming services vying for consumer dollars, and like Disney+ it chooses to showcase the depth of its IP, with films Youtube download and TV series dating back decades. So it’s an ad stuffed with juicy cultural references, from Flashdance to South Park, but it’s also well-executed in terms of moving from an action movie register to a comic one.

  • If you choose to blur faces, YouTube will process the video for any faces, then allow you to blur the ones you don’t want to show.
  • “YouTube unblocked in China, but could Google have cooperated?”.
  • This is where resources such as Canva are invaluable as you can craft such images in a matter of minutes thanks to their ready-to-go templates tailor-made for YouTube channels.
  • If your video should be two minutes long but you stretched it to 10 and viewers drop off after one, you won’t rank higher just because your video is longer.

Finally, let’s get into some of the specifics of creating a home for your YouTube content. There’s no need to purchase expensive equipment; you can even use your iPhone to record a podcast. It might be worth getting a tripod, but even this isn’t always necessary.

When starting a YouTube channel, doing it all from your smartphone might not be the best idea. But that doesn’t mean that you need to invest in the most expensive equipment. Just start with a simple vlogging camera, tripod, and mic. Most YouTubers have a different mic for different types of videos.

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This is caused when hardware acceleration is turned on in the browser settings. Many parents turn to YouTube Kids, an app created by YouTube to offer a “safer online experience for kids” with more parental control offerings. “It was observed that rampant fake news was spread through the YouTube channels regarding the demise of the former Chief of Defence Staff Late General Bipin Rawat. These YouTube channels had also started posting content to undermine the democratic process of the upcoming elections in five states,” said the government. For most schools there is going to be an IT admin in charge of the YouTube block. Often it can be easiest to go to them directly to have your machine unblocked for access.

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Harvard University PressHUP, a major publisher of non-fiction, scholarly, and general interest books, brings you videos with new authors. FORA.tvDelivers video presentations from the world’s great writers, leaders, activists and thinkers. Computer History MuseumA good number of videos that delve into computers, networking, and semiconductors.

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Not only is it a good practice, it is a great idea to connect yourself and your students with the creator of content. They might even be willing to join your class via Skype or Google Hangout to share more. This will then use your smartphone’s data – be warned – so it may cost if you’ve not got plenty of free data included in your plan.