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Currently, companies and industrial parks are in high demand of skilled labor, intellectual labor, young labor to ensure production and development of the company.

Because of the high demand for labor, these companies often look to recruitment sites or job placement centers to recruit. But the reality shows that when recruiting workers in these units, they often do not meet the requirements on skills, quality of workers and employees.

Due to this fact, labor supply companies were born. Here job seekers will be trained in jobs as required by the hiring companies. Therefore, companies that need employees often look to reputable and long-time experienced labor supply units.

Dai Nam Investment and Transportation Company is one of three companies that provide high quality Dich vu cung ung lao dong services to leading companies, enterprises, export labor in Ho Chi Minh City and the Southern region.

Labor supply

Understand labor supply services

Labor supply is a term used to refer to the supply of labor to the areas where workers are needed, for all occupations that are currently in shortage. Including companies providing  cargo handling services

With the current high labor demand of companies, they urgently need skilled and skilled workers (eg garment workers). If recruiting, it must wait a long time but not sure who can find the right person. But when working with a labor supply company, you will quickly get the employees you want.

That is the reason why companies providing labor supply services. Especially in big cities where companies and industrial parks are concentrated, they need a large labor force.

Providing labor services to meet the needs of labor resources necessary for businesses

Enterprises needing labor only need to give the quantity and job requirements for the labor supply unit in a short time they will have a labor force.

As one of the leading units in the field of labor supply in Ho Chi Minh City. Dai Nam Company has successfully cooperated with many businesses when bringing tens of thousands of workers to access jobs.

The main source of labor we provide is unskilled labor, skilled labor graduated from vocational schools, knowledge workers have graduated from colleges and universities. These workers are retrained according to the requirements of each enterprise before accepting the job.

Labor supply

The main advantages that labor supply services company Dai Nam bring

With 10 years of experience in the profession, we have developed extensive relationships with corporate companies as well as having access to different labor resources, thus making it a priority.

The main advantages Dai Nam has that other places do not have or are weak:

– We have a large amount of manpower available. Therefore, always meet all recruitment requirements from customers

– Labor retrained in each field that businesses need

– Services we will sign a contract and pay each employee. Instead of paying for each individual as before

– Clear contract. You can replace any employee if you feel you are not working well. We will exchange others to ensure a better job.

– Meet the labor needs in all fields today, all manufacturing sectors, sectors requiring large labor resources.

– The company has a specific system of training new employees to meet all requirements of the business.

Dai Nam Company is always proud of being the right hand, effective support and timely resolution of all difficulties in the issues that businesses need labor. Besides, we have solved thoroughly for employees who have jobs

The fastest standard labor supply service with standard price provided by Dai Nam Company

Our labor supply and loading and  unloading services  are always the first choice of many partners

The regime of hiring labor depends on the form of contract and depending on the employment term

The cost of hiring personnel is always at thapas compared to the zenith. Your customers also have to depend on many factors such as: the type of goods to be handled, the amount of goods to be handled, the place of loading, …