The latest price list of cheap Hoa Phat steel April 27 2020

The latest price list of cheap Hoa Phat steel April 27 2020. Bảng Báo Giá Thép Hoà Phát  includes goods types, weight corresponding to each different unit price. The company always updates the price on every website so customers always follow

The latest price list of cheap Hoa Phat steel April 27 2020

Manh Cuong Phat – a leading supplier of building materials in Ho Chi Minh City

Manh Cuong Phat Company is a reliable and leading partner of Vietnam Japan steel company. We have a wide distribution network of branches in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding cities across the country.

We regularly update the Vietnam-Japan quotation, construction sheet price quotation for each month for customers

Customers will find the right price and quality products from Manh Cuong Phat

We deliver goods in a very fast amount of time, pay flexibly by different payment options, with payment in cash or bank transfer.

Points to note that you need to know

– The above prices include taxes and product download charges

– Prices are subject to change, please call the hotline for instructions:  0919 741 066 – 0988 707 505

– Guaranteed 100% by the factory Price  list of branded steel distribution and supply at Manh Cuong Phat Building Materials

Other services of providing construction materials at Manh Cuong Phat building materials

– Aiming at the universality in the field of trade should be outside the price list of construction steel

We also embark on cooperation with famous iron and steel brands such as:

Southern steel, Pomina steel, Vietnam Japan steel, …

Construction sand: yellow sand, tan Chau sand, construction sand, ..

construction purlin price list: purlin box, black pipe, galvanized ..

Quotation of construction corrugated iron sheet: Heat secret steel sheet, rolled steel roofing sheet, square corrugated iron sheet, …

Agency of construction materials materials Manh Cuong Phat – Scale expansion

In addition to the price list of construction cement , we also joined hands with steel companies such as: Vietnam Japan Steel, Pomina, Southern ..

The following, we will produce a quote of the above goods for your reference:

Quotation Southern steel – Pomina steel – Vietnam Japan Steel

What are the advantages of steel pipes?

– Durability: Steel pipe is a construction product line that possesses good strength resistance, high rigidity. Quotation of concrete sand Hollow structure, thin walls and light weight.

For galvanized steel pipe, due to its zinc coating outside, it has extremely low oxidation resistance. can use  in all weather conditions.

Longevity helps extend the Works steadily over time

– Anti-corrosion: As mentioned above, the galvanized steel pipes are reasonably resistant to oxidation, so these products are commonly used in mangrove, riverside, alum-contaminated soil, .. Without fear of the reduced service life of steel

– Easy installation: the structure is hollow inside, so the weight of steel pipe is slightly light so it is easy to move and install. Because of its high durability, it will save money on maintenance costs later, but the repair and installation work will be more convenient.

Steps to order cast steel pipe at Manh Cuong Phat building materials

– Step 1: Contact us via the email or phone below for quick support. The answering department will quickly update the product information

– Step 2: bring in big order, you can trade back on price.

– Step 3: The two sides merge the volume of goods, the shipping period, how to deliver and receive the goods, pay after the supplier, .. the contract will be signed when the two sides do not bring questions.

– Step 4: Load steel pipes and tubes to the Project on time and in the right place.

– Step 5: Customer inventory the quantity and check the quality of goods. Then pay the money as in the contract signed.

After both sides have finished negotiating. We proceed to unload goods and clear the warehouse before leaving. The buyer will not have to pay labor costs

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