Thẻ: Asahi tower project

Asahi tower project

Asahi tower project utilities are fully synchronized

Asahi Tower located in a South Saigon model residential area with an area of ​​over 300,000 m2, two sides of the river are Ma Voi canal to the west, Ba Tang canal to the north, Ta Quang Buu street to the south and Vanh Dai street Inside to the east. Asahi Tower project   in District 8 of KDC Conic. This KDC has a scale of 29.9ha, located between a large and beautiful land plot surrounded by two Ma Voi and Ba Tang canals. Especially, it is located right in the busy Vo Van Kiet boulevard, surrounded by a dreamy synchronized utility system. Understanding the secrets of a cramped, hot urban life in the city, Conic’s desire is to

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